Project Description

When you’re creating a beautiful home, lighting is right at the top of your list of essentials. Surrey-based interior designer Maggie Walton-Swan put this into effect when she renovated her own home, installing an HDL home-control system to manage LEDs supplied by InStyle. Nestled on a private driveway in deepest Surrey, the four-storey residence’s architecture was redesigned and remodelled by Maggie herself, in partnership with FGA Ltd.

Her lighting design uses lovely warm white 12-watt LED strips (2,700K) for work-lights and highlights in all rooms around the house, fitted into bespoke coving features throughout.

Maggie ordered her 125 metres of LED strip pre-cut by InStyle to the exact lengths required in each room. Custom-length starter-leads (power cables) were securely soldered to the start of each strip, along with flexible cable links on tape runs that needed to go around sharp corners or angles.To create more lighting choices, Maggie has also installed a parallel RGB LED system as well, all run off the same controllers.

Maggie’s LED lighting, along with the house’s other smart-building control, is managed by an HDL Automation system. The control gear (as well as drivers and receivers for the LEDs) is housed out of the way in a separate plant room.

The system features smart in-wall keypads which offer DLP (digital light processing) control, as well as regulating the under-floor heating modules, providing the facility to open/close motorised curtains and blinds, and controlling garage doors and the property’s gate entry system.

The whole residential automation system can be managed via two wall-mounted iPads (one in the kitchen and one on the landing).

Outdoor lighting is run by programmable timers, and the interior lights – including the LED strips and LED down lights, wall-lights, lamps, and low-level lights – can all be dimmed and adjusted elegantly and seamlessly.