Here at HDL UK we work with home -owners, installers, and organisations across the country to provide the best in Smart- Technology for the private, commercial retail, corporate and public sectors.

Our technology is a fully integrated product which is designed to automate everything inside a building from the lights, temperature controls, entertainment systems, security and even windows.

Residential Projects

An HDL smart-home is different to a traditional home because it offers features that will transform the way you use your lights, curtains, heating, music and security systems. HDL is Internet Enabled, meaning you have full control of your home from your smart phone or tablet, anywhere in the world.

Our systems will help you to save on your energy bills, make your house more secure and will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and convenience. This technology is a long-term solution that that will truly modernize the way you live in your home.

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Commercial Projects 

HDL has over 30 years of experience across a broad range of automation solutions such as hospitality, retail outlets, commercial buildings and hotels, and we understand the value of  producing efficient and practical solutions.

We actively work and collaborate with architects, M&E specifiers, energy consultants and commercial installers, where our experience is invaluable in providing powerful and cost effective solutions.

The value and benefits of smart-building technology for commercial premises cannot be understated. There are several factors that can influence the decision to automate buildings. Building managers and owners around the world are already saving money, time and effort, while having attained added convenience and security.

Energy usage, and therefore the running cost of the building, is reduced. Studies from around the world have shown that up to 60% energy can be saved through the smart-use of a HDL system (see the document: Energy Efficiency With KNX).

Hospitality Projects

Hospitality is “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors”. Venues, such as hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and clubs, make it their primary business to be hospitable. Technology can assist by providing the customer with added comfort and convenience, and the venue with energy-savings, enhanced security, and simple management of systems from a centralised location.

Hotels today typically benefit from PMS (Property Management Systems). Linking building control systems with the PMS enables real time reports from each guest room, and speeds up the delivery of guest services. This allows a hotel to allocate services on an as needed basis, saving energy and reducing costs in the process. We even have our own guest room management software which allow hotel staff to focus on the necessities of running a hotel.