Firmware for IP Gateway (HDL-MBUS01IP.431)

Last updated 17th October 2017

In HDL Buspro Setup Tool (and HDL Buspro Setup Tool 2) software, this module is recognised as: HDL-MBUS01IP.431.

Make sure your HDL devices have unique subnet IDs before you start up with a firmware upgrade. If you by accident upgrade firmware to an HDL component that has the same address as another, both devices will become corrupt.

Back up or write down the configuration of the IP Module before starting firmware upgrade. If you upgrade from a version older than V05.13 then all configuration in the module will be deleted! The reason for this is is that V05.13 is a fundamental update which adds the new feature of being able to update IP module firmware over a remote connection.

After the update, the Subnet ID will change to 10, Device ID to 0. Please replace Subnet ID back to 1 (or the subnet ID you are using in your project). Device ID can not be changed and is always 0.

The IP address changes to DHCP, so it can be retrieved if it was connected to a network.

If the firmware transfer does not start or is interrupted then the module has a firmware-recover feature: Hold the PROG button when the IP module is powered up to enable this feature. NB When enabled, IP-Module IP address has got your PC to have an address in this network to transfer new firmware. Use "Manual Firmware Upgrade" to transfer the firmware file in this mode.

Module with this firmware requires the latest version of HDL Buspro Setup Tool 2 to allow you to change new features (DHCP support and Cookies / Time Zone from Remote Server).

Download: Firmware V05.13U for HDL-MBUS01IP.431 (released 05/08/2017)