Firmware for Curtain Motor (HDL-MWM70B.12)

Page last updated 24th October 2017

This new firmware improves the reliability of the open and close positioning.

It's important not not to upgrade an HDL component with the wrong firmware file.

Make sure your HDL system has unique addresses before you start up with firmware upgrades. If you upgrade firmware to an HDL component that has the same address as another, both devices will become corrupt.

Take backup or note down the configuration to the switch panel before starting firmware upgrade.

If you have an HDL system where communication between your PC and component is not stable but periodically provides "Time out", we recommend not upgrading firmware before the instability is resolved. It is recommended to have your PC connected to the network cable (not wireless) when transferring firmware.

Select the menu option: "Utility" -> "Upgrade Device":

Select device from the drop-down menu or enter Subnet ID and Device ID manually.

Press ... to select .bin file. Select the .bin file that you have downloaded from this page, then click "Add Device" to add the device to the list of devices to upgrade. Press the "Upgrade" button to start the upgrade. The panel will switch to green background with the text "UPDATE ..."

Download Firmware (.bin) File