HDL SB-DN-RS232N Device

HDL SB-DN-RS232N Device

Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter

Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter

Example RS232 to RS485 adapter

Example RS232 to RS485 adapter

Firmware and Instructions for Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter

Last updated 30th November 2017

You can use a HDL SB-DN-RS22N Module in conjunction with an RS232->RS485 adapter to control 1 x Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter, which is capable of managing up to 16 groups of Somfy RTS products.

Several steps must be observed. You must change the firmware on the HDL SB-DN-RS232N module to the one specially created to work with the Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. You should already have the Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter, and also the Somfy "USB to RS485 Lead" from Somfy.
    You should download this driver to your deskop (it's for the USB to RS485 Lead)- click here to download.
    Connect the USB to RS485 Lead into your PC (please note, does not work on Mac or Linux, Windows only!)
    When/if Windows asks you to locate a driver, extract the file you just downloaded (FTDI Driver.zip) and select the relevant driver file.
  2. Next, click here to download RS485 DEMO TOOL_April 2011. Extract and install the software. Click next, next, "I accept the agreement etc".
  3. Click here to download this document which covers all of the above and also how to then start up the program and configure/commission/control the Somfy motors. Please note that Somfy have issued a comment about this document, there is an error. The plus and minus cables are shown in the diagram the wrong way around.
  4. Once commissioned, you'll need to connect the HDL SB-DN-RS232N Module to your HDL system and scan it into your system using HDL Buspro Setup Tool (2).

    Please download this special firmware for the SB-DN-RS232N and save to a convenient location on your computer.

    Select the menu option: "Utility" -> "Upgrade Device":

    Select device from the drop-down menu or enter Subnet ID and Device ID manually. Press ... to select "FW_SB-DN-RS232N(SOMFY)_V01.00U(2014-02-20).bin" file, then click "Add Device" to add the device to the list of devices to upgrade. If the software gives a warning message concerning the name of the file, click OK anyway (just ensure you are uploading to the correct device!).

    Press the "Upgrade" button to start the upgrade.

    After approx 2-3 minutes, the process should be complete. Exit the firmware upgrade screen, right-click and delete all devices from screen. Click fast search and add again. This time the RS232 device should appear as a Somfy controller module.

    Double click on it and change the settings as follows:

    On RS232 serial port configuration:
    Click "config serial port"
    Select 4800bps, stop bit 1, odd parity.

    Under RS232<->HDL Bus Mode, enter the NODE ID to what's written as NODE ID  on the transmitter product (change it away from from the default FFFFF). Press Save.

    In order to connect the HDL SB-DN-RS232N to the Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter, you will need another product: an RS232 to RS485 adapter. This document outlines approved adapters for this purpose. Please click to download. Please note that some customers have successfully used other brands found on eBay.

    IMPORTANT: The included RS232 DB9 Male to Female cable in the box with the SB-DN-RS232N module is a straight through cable. You may need to purchase either a NULL modem cable (looks the same, but some pins are crossed over - like 2 and 3). So if, for example, your RS232->RS485 adapter has a female DB9 connector, you will need a male->male NULL modem adapter, or a male->male NULL modem cable. Not paying attention to this small fact can save you days of troubleshooting,

    In order to control the somfy blinds, program a HDL button on a HDL keypad/panel as a "Single On" or "Single On/Off" of type "Curtain Switch", with the "Parameter" as the curtain no. ID as set up earlier. The command can be open, close, or stop.

    In the case that the HDL Control App is controlling the curtains, the device should scan in as a Somfy controller and offer a number of control options for numbers 1 and upwards.